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About The Curry Masters

Curry Masters has been finessing their recipes for the past 20 years to provide easy cooking for all. The start of this company was with an ambitious couple wanting to spread the word about Indian cooking. Being restaurant owners in the late 90’s their passion evolved Curry Masters to what it is today. With over 100 products, their goal is to make the cooking process easier for the average person. With less time on our hands and wanting to make authentic, healthy and flavoursome meals, Curry Masters has become the go to.

How it works!

With Curry Masters Complete Curry Mix, you don’t need to add onion, garlic, ginger, tomato, salt or any other spices. Our products come in dried form therefore, you only add water to make a paste. To make a delicious curry you only need the complete curry mix, water, dairy, meat and/or vegetables. This gives you the flexibility to add as much oil and dairy as you want. You can add ingredients to give it your special touch! With over 100 products to chose from, you’ll never get bored at your dinner table.